We are offering a limited edition maquette of the monument. One-hundred-eleven pieces will be cast and signed by Jason Dreweck, Jake Burton and Ross Powers – a unique collaboration in fine art design – the artist, the entrepreneur and the gold medalist.

Each maquette will stand approximately 16” inches High x 30” inches wide x 9” in depth.

A sold out limited edition will fund the entire production, delivery and installation of this one-of-a-kind monument, exclusive to Londonderry.

The first forty maquettes sold will be priced at $14,200

With each maquette purchased, the purchaser will receive:

  • The maquette signed by Jason Dreweck, Jake Burton and Ross Powers.
  • Purchaser's name/business name forever inscribed on the plaque of the monument, Londonderry, Vermont.
  • Certificate of Authenticity individually numbered and signed by artist Jason Dreweck.
Once the edition has sold out, the mold will be broken.

For maquette availability and purchase please call (802) 379-1312